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Hi, here's our most frequently asked questions. If you're looking for more answers, feel free to say <3 

☼ Where are wildsky bandanas produced? 

All our bandanas are made on our favorite island Bali. During one of his trips, Hank made friends with a local producer who is now crafting every bandana by hand. 

☼ Are there different sizes for wildsky bandanas available? 

For now, wildsky bandanas are only available in one size. However, the cotton is super soft and stretchy and – fingers crosses – will fit everyone. 

☼ How much are the shipping costs? 

The standard shipping fee is € 3,90. 

☼ What are the available payment options at wildsky? 

You can pay securely with Paypal, Apple Pay, or credit card. 

☼ How long does shipping usually take? 

Normally, your order will be ready for departure within just one day. Add 2 -5 business days max for the shipping process itself – et voilá, you're part of the wild tribe ❤

Please note: At the moment, international shippings might take a while longer due to the covid circumstances.

☼ When will the sold out bandanas be back in stock?

Our bandanas are produced by a local friend of ours in beautiful Bali. We're constantly in contact with him to find out when we can re-stock and which new color options there are. 

Right now, (July 2020!) our producer is working on the newest goodies, so stay tuned! Most colors will be back in stock soon!