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Discover some of the minimalistic boho-inspired looks you can create with our wildsky collection ☼

Items in this image: boho shirt | white 

One quick & easy way to creating a great boho outfit with that Bali / Ibiza / Tulum vibe is contrasting a monochromous look in light colors & fabrics with contrasting accessoires: A colorful bandana, some shiny jewelry and a slim belt are the cherry on top of your look.

Items in this image: boho pants | sand and boho shirt | sand and bali bandana

You can never go wrong with an all-black outfit. Styling tips: 1) High-quality fabrics are super important for the outfit's overall look. 2) Make sure to tuck your shirt do avoid a bulky silhouette.

Items in this image: boho pants | black and boho shirt | black

Small details will elevate your whole outfit: Roll up your pants or sleeves, keep that extra button open, and don't forget to add a bit of jewelry.

Items in this image: boho shirt | white premium linen and boho pants | caramel

A minimalistic boho outfit doesn't need super-fancy pieces that you'll wear only now and then. Combine classic cuts and flowing fabrics – like our boho pants with monochromously matching or contrast-color shirts.

Items in this image: boho pants | black, boho shirt | white and boho shirt | black